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FCLMA nominee and ECA Best Hip Hop/RnB Artist 2023, Big Lou, has captivated audiences since 2021. Picture the essence of rap music basking in the Caribbean sun and embodying love—that's the spirit of Big Lou. Hailing from the beautiful island of St. Maarten and now proudly representing London, ON, he fuses Caribbean vibes à la Sean Paul, the soul of Africa like Fireboy DML, and the energy of Latino beats akin to Bad Bunny and calls it Island Hip Hop. His artistry is further shaped by influences from Logic, Dax, and Connor Price, creating a unique fusion that mesmerizes fans and listeners.



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Sibling Love

I left home a couple of days before my 15th birthday to live in a country that I never been to before and it changed my life forever. At the time, I only thought of how that change only affected me. I wasn’t aware of what impact it would have on my family.

As I grew and matured a tad, I began to realize how it had affected my parents. How part of them regretted sending us off at such a young age, despite having the best intentions in their hearts and minds. What I didn’t consider was the impact it had on her.

My sister left home two years after I did and arrived in Canada at a different boarding school. That means she experienced the same thing I did having left home at 15 but she also experienced me leaving when she was 13.

For better or worse, this changed our relationship. As I continued to grow and mature, I found myself thinking about how these events have affected all of our lives. Sometimes I’m grateful for having a loving family and other times I feel guilty for not being physically present as much as I can. But I always miss her.

I want to make up for the time we lost almost 20 years ago and to make as many memories as possible during this lifetime. I know I can do better. I want her to know that I’m doing my best to make this a reality. In the meantime, this song is dedicated to her!





6-9:30 pm

Sunset Soirée

Venue: Club Fuego



3-7:00 pm

Simple Reflections Latin Street Party

Venue: Dundas St. London, ON



12-10 pm

Island Fest 2024

Venue: Covent Garden Market



12-10 pm

Simple Reflections Festival

Venue: Covent Garden Market


"Big Lou's music is a true inspiration, and his live shows are a testament to his boundless energy. He's a hip-hop artist who knows how to bring the house down!" - Lauri (LDN Artisan)

"Big Lou's music is a source of motivation, he is highly charismatic, and his live shows take it to another level. His stage presence, along with the DJs and dancers, is simply mesmerizing." - Dario Novoa (Simple Reflections)

“This letter is in a recommendation for the artiste known as “Big Lou”. Big Lou is a true force on the stage, delivering performances that leave you breathless. His collaborations with DJs, dancers, artistes and promoters add an extra layer of inspiration. His dedication to his audience and fans goes beyond words. - Colin (London Afrocentric Arts Association)

“Big Lou's music and live shows are a breath of fresh air in the hip-hop world. The combination of high-energy, inspirational lyrics, and captivating performances is awe-inspiring.” - Jose (Catholic School Board)

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